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London is renowned for its history, culture, arts and diversity. Every year, visitors from around the globe come to this thriving metropolis. There is no doubt as to its importance and its place in international affairs. With some 2,000 years of history, the destination continues to hold an important place on the world stage.


London was first established as a city by the Romans nearly 2,000 years ago. Despite attacks from Queen Boudica and Saxon raids in the third century, London was a central place of commerce. Although towards the end of Roman-British rule, around the fifth century, the city once again fell into decline. It wasn't until around the sixth century that the city was really occupied again, this time by the Anglo-Saxons. By the tenth century, the city was the center of political activities although it was not yet the capital. It is unclear when exactly it became the capital city although it was certainly around the eleventh century.


While London certainly has a lot of historical and political importance to Britain, it is also of great economic importance. Along with New York and Tokyo, it is one of the three biggest centers of commerce for the world economy. It has the sixth largest economy in the world and the second largest international banking center. In addition to the economy, it is also well known for the arts. The city is home to many galleries and museums, as well as its famous West End theater. In fact, tourism is also one of London's biggest industries.


London covers some 609 square miles. However, it does not have any official city limits. Some consider London to only be those within the London postal code while London could also include the London Commuter Belt. According to London Online, in 2005, London's population was over seven and a half million people. However, the Office for National Statistics did a wider survey in 2001 to include outer regions. The studies showed a population of over eight million people. The city is ranked as the twenty-fifth largest city in the world.

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